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    Lost Corgi after car accident on I-90 at milepost 327 between Bozeman and Livingston, MT Details below! Please signal boost if you’re in the area!

    "His name is Ronald, he is very friendly, mostly red with a little white on his face and neck, has lots of hair. His siblings are all safe and sound at the Stafford Animal Shelter and the co-owner will be driving up for them in the next few days. Thanks everyone for keeping your eyes out for him. It’s a good reminder to travel with your pets in crates, all the crated pups were unharmed and safe.”


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    5 of the Coolest Kids in the History of the Planet Shoot Their Outfit Grid.

    By  Bryan Espiritu


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    Animals getting help from people.

    This post warms my heart

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    Understanding Aura Colors

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if our followers would send us which one they think we had?

    Meg Hill (facebook & website) Meg is a lovely woman =)

    In my experience, most auras are multiple colors??

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    • There will only be only one (1) winner.

    • Must be following Arcane Mysteries Tumblr :

    • You must be at least 18 years of age for me to ship the items to you.

    • You may  follow Arcane Mysteries Instagram: (Does not count as an entry)

    • 1 REBLOG is one entry.

    • You may REBLOG as many times as you want but do not SPAM.

    • Giveaway blogs are EXCLUDED.

    • Likes are not counted.

    • USA  ONLY

    • This GIVEAWAY is not associated with TUMBLR.

    Start Date: May 29th 2014

    End Date: July 1st 2014

    Winner wil be Chosen July 3rd 2014 via Random Name Generator

    Winner will be anounced and notified July 4th 2014

    If winner does not respond in 24 hrs, a new winner will be chosen.


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    Hi friends! After spring cleaning, I’ve decided to give away some of the pieces in my wardrobe that I’ve never really gotten around to wearing. The contents are as follows:

    • Bath & Body Works White Citrus body lotion & shimmer mist
    • Pacifica Island Vanilla body butter
    • Not Your Mother’s “Beach Babe” Texturizing Hair Cream
    • Essie “Stylenomics” nail polish
    • Bird nest ring (Earthbound - size 8)
    • Set of 4 stackable rings (Urban Outfitters - Size 8)
    • Flower cameo necklace
    • Bycorpus acid wash babydoll dress (Size small)
    • Forever 21 crushed velvet skater dress (Size small)
    • Kimchi Blue mesh inlay skater dress (Size small)
    • Urban Renewal camouflage skater skirt (Size medium)
    • Urban Renewal plaid skater skirt (Size small)

    All of these items have been worn no more than once, and most of them have NEVER BEEN WORN!! Whoo! They’re all in excellent condition despite the poor quality of the pictures. 


    • You must be following me (
    • Likes DO NOT count
    • You can reblog as many times as you’d like
    • No giveaway blogs
    • If you don’t respond in three days, I’ll pick a new winner

    I’ll announce the winner on June 25 using a random number generator. Good luck!!! I hope this stuff makes you feel as lovely and cool as you are!

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    So not long ago I reached 1.5k and now I’ve decided to give away a few of the things I never use anymore or feel like just giving away! (DO NOT DELETE TEXT; IT WILL NOT COUNT IF YOU DELETE THE TEXT)


    - MUST REBLOG/LIKE BY JULY 31 (Will Announce Winner August 1st)

    - MUST BE FOLLOWING ME! For a higher chance follow THIS too.

    - YOU CAN REBLOG AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT (for a higher chance)


    - 13” Macbook Air (128GB) *Back to Factory Settings, no worries*

    Speck SmartShell SATIN Case for Macbook Air (Gray)

    FujiFilm Instax 8 Camera (BLACK OR WHITE)

    FujiFilm Instax 8 Film Pack of 60

    Canon PowerShot ELPH 110HS (Camera)

    It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini (Paperback Book)

    TFIOS Movie Poster (ONLY ELIGIBLE IF YOU FOLLOWED BOTH ACCOUNTS) P.S. This item will be ready 3 days after announcing winner. So please be patient.

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    i’m doing a small giveaway because I’m feeling good, and why not~


    • Strawberry pocky
    • strawberry liquid eyeliner
    • cat ears
    • cat dust plug
    • cat leggings

    All products will be new & unused.

    • mbf me (must be following)
    • it would be cool if you followed my other blog 
    • I will look through the winner’s blog and if there’s something really hateful I will pick again. (transphobic, racist, homophobic, sexist, ect)
    • reblog to enter you can like it but it won’t count~
    • please have your ask open
    • if you don’t want something tell me and i’ll give it to someone else
    • if you don’t reply for a few days i’ll repick
    • doesn’t matter your country you can live anywhere
    • reblog as much as you want
    • The amount of notes this gets will help me determine if it’s worth it to do another giveaway soon! 
    • the number will be selected on so it’s just as fair for the first note and the last

    imageGiveaway ends July 27th because that’s my birthday image

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    adore these

    Love the last one

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